Meet Morgan Whitt!

Meet Morgan Whitt, a WWU sophomore planning to graduate in 2025. Morgan hails from sunny San Diego and she is currently studying environmental studies as well as political science. 

 Why did you choose Western?

As an out-of-state student I get asked this constantly! I turned to Western because the city of Bellingham is such a great community compared to a large city which can feel lonely. Western has amazing academic programs as well as extracurricular activities which I have joined. Western also cares about their students and strives to make it a welcoming place for all students. 

 What do you like about Western?

I love being on the board of the Latinx Student Union. This role has made my transition a lot easier, as well as joining intramural sports. Along with LSU and sports, Western’s class sizes are perfect, making sure I can get that one-on-one time with professors, which helps make my academic career go further. 

How is your student ambassador experience? What are your duties?

My experience so far has been so amazing! We are more than lucky to have professional development as a part of our position. It has helped me tremendously in terms of preparing for University Advancement events as well as for campus wide events. I am so happy that I have the chance to represent Western.  

 Which professors do you work with?

 Paul Thomas, senior instructor in geology, is an outstanding professor with whom I have happened to cross paths during my time here. He has made my transition to Western so much easier and is just an all-around amazing person. My favorite class (in my short time here so far) has been Contemporary Political Theory with Dr. Hsueh. Dr. Hsueh is an incredible professor who has grown my love for political science immensely. She is a vital resource for those who are unsure if political science is for them. She helps students digest the points political theorists make in their writings (which are often difficult!). 

 How has scholarship support made a difference for you?

My scholarship has made college more affordable and realistic for me to attend since out-of-state tuition is very high compared to in-state tuition. 

What would you like to say to a someone who has made a gift to support Western students and programs?

First and foremost, thank you! With your generosity and kindness, Western is able to put your gifts towards amazing things for our school. Whether your support is toward scholarships, departments, facilities or our outstanding sports teams, you are making a difference. My peers and I appreciate you so much. 

What do you do when you aren’t in class?

When I am not in class, I like to dabble into everything I possibly can. I love digital design creation, reading (books by Don Miguel Ruiz), being outside, making my own jewelry and spending quality time with friends. 

Where is your happy place either on campus or in Bellingham?

On campus, the ESC has quite literally become my second home. It’s an incredible space for students of ethnic backgrounds to come study, hangout and be active with their club(s)! I also enjoy the Environmental Studies Building because it is truly a gorgeous space.

In Bellingham, you can find me at the Downtown farmer’s market or at Boulevard Park where I like to hammock and read my book of the month.

What are your professional dreams and goals?  Where could you see yourself in five years?

My professional dream and goal is to stay within the environmental field and either go into to policy or education. I want to push for environmental justice within our ethnic communities. With education, I hope to work with a non-profit that implements education so kids can learn early on what environmental justice is. With policy I hope to work for the San Diego County or Whatcom County to formulate better ways of combating environmental racism. 

To learn more about the student ambassador program, please go to this page.