Members of the three giving societies of The Foundation for WWU & Alumni enrich our campus community with their commitment to providing resources for students, staff, faculty, and scholars. Donors and friends are the driving force behind the realization of WWU's mission and goals. Loyal donors ensure that we have the means to continue making a positive impact on our world through inclusive academic success and achievement.

In order to acknowledge our donors’ exceptional generosity and the foundational role they play in supporting Western, we are committed to recognizing our giving society members. We honor them by providing invitations to special academic experiences, exclusive impact updates, member-only events sponsored by senior leaders on campus, campus parking privileges, and more.

Western’s three fundamental giving societies are the President’s Society, 1893 Society, and Old Main Society. Each is designed to recognize a tiered level of donor commitment to the university. Every level is important, and every gift makes an impact. Our commitment to the loyal members of our giving societies is to celebrate the power and significance of their impact in creative and meaningful ways.

President’s Society

1893 Society

Old Main Society