A Future of Service: Zoe Evans-Agnew

By Frances Badgett

Zoe Evans-Agnew (’21), Outstanding Graduate in Honors and behavioral neuroscience major, came to Western for the diversity of perspectives and experiences. Community-minded, she was seeking a college experience that reflected her values.

“Western is a leader in making social change,” says Evans-Agnew.

The Vashon Island native was drawn to behavioral neuroscience for the ways in which the field addresses mental health issues and explores possible solutions.

“I considered so many majors—law, economics, sociology, theater—but I wanted to work in mental health,” says Evans-Agnew.

Her capstone Honors project is an exploration of sexual assault and sexual health among students at Western. More than 1,000 students responded to her survey for the project. The questions covered everything from attitudes about sex to sexual assault. She found that rates of sexual violence at Western reflected the national statistics (one in five people will be victims of sexual violence).

“In my presentation for my capstone, I will explain that although Western lacks the structural factors that lead to sexual assault like the Greek system and a major sports culture, our rates of sexual violence are still in line with the national average,” says Evans-Agnew.

After graduation, she will attend Seattle University to pursue a doctorate in nursing practice. She hopes to become a nurse practitioner someday, and wishes to work with underrepresented and homeless populations.

“I promise to continue to live a life in service to others and continually trying to give back to my community that has always given so much to me,” she says.

Zoe has received the Presidential Scholarship, the Behavioral Neuroscience scholarship, and the Honors Project scholarship.

The senior says of the generous support she has received, “Without these scholarships, I wouldn’t have been able to attend Western and make the connections that I did. I wouldn’t have been able to participate in the activities I did, like lab, and the book clubs I’ve been a part of, and I wouldn’t have met the amazing faculty who have mentored and guided me through this process. Thank you, thank you, so much.”