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Writing Your Give Day Emails, Texts and Social Posts

We’re so excited that you are fundraising and sharing the success of your program, club or sport with the WWU community. 

This toolkit is designed to help WWU Give Day Ambassadors write inspiring emails and social media posts that showcase the fund you are asking donors to support. 

Thank you for participating in our 2024 WWU Give Day! 

Your Give Day Compass

Our Mission: Make a positive impact in the state and the world with a shared focus on academic excellence and inclusive student success.

Our Vision: Western Washington University prepares and inspires individuals to explore widely, think critically, communicate clearly and connect ideas creatively to address our most challenging needs, problems and questions.

Our Values: 

  1. Commitment to student success, critical thought, creativity and sustainability 
  2. Commitment to equity and justice, and respect for the rights and dignity of others
  3. Pursuit of excellence in an environment characterized by principles of shared governance, academic freedom and effective engagement
  4. Integrity, responsibility and accountability in all our work

Voice and tone

The voice of the WWU Give Day campaign is led by optimism, community and the unique power of higher education to learn and grow. WWU Give Day is a celebration of Western’s values and our students’ potential. Through WWU Give Day, we recognize Western’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

We also lead with gratitude. Gratitude for Western’s place in our state and the alumni who have come before today’s students. Gratitude for the generous legacy of our alumni, parents and community who make significant gifts to Western to minimize the burden of student debt, ensure a whole-student academic experience and push forward essential research. We want to showcase our students and programs daring to take on big challenges in every area of study that change lives for the better. The tone of our communications is confident but humble, crafted, ambitious, and always welcoming.

Call to action 

Make a Gift on Give Day
As a member of WWU’s community, we ask you to join our commitment to making higher education an accessible reality to every student who has a dream of attending Western. WWU Give Day is an annual celebration of our campus culture. It’s also an endorsement of the power and potential of our students and their future contributions to our communities. Give Day is a recognition that no matter where you give – to a building, scholarship, project, or program – you are pushing Western’s values forward and giving students an immersive education.

While we thank donors for their generosity today, we are thankful for the impact they have on our students every day of the year.

01. WWU—Who We Are and Where We’re Going

This year, WWU’s Give Day campaign is focused on highlighting some scholarships. We encourage you to pick the scholarships and students that best match your story and weave them into your emails and posts.


  • Committed to Access and Affordability
    As a public university, Western is committed to being accessible and affordable to any student who wants to pursue higher education. We believe deeply that our students’ unique experiences and backgrounds are their greatest strengths—it’s what makes our community of inclusive teaching and learning thrive. We share a collective responsibility to make sure that every student has a clear pathway toward a meaningful career. We want our students to be wholeheartedly focused on their learning, not worrying about how they’ll pay for college or whether they’ll be faced with the burden of academic debt.

Supporting messages:

  • Bridging Innovation and Compassion 
    For decades, students have been choosing to come to Western because it is one of the rare universities where a future-driven education is supported by a strong liberal arts philosophy. No matter what college or school a Western student chooses, the tangible skills they build are elevated by our thoughtfulness and ability to consider the social, cultural and environmental impacts of the actions we take. With every generation of students, we deepen our perspectives on what it means to be boldly innovative and compassionate because furthering equity, justice, inclusion and diversity will be our greatest legacy.
  • More Than a Classroom Education
    Students come to Western for more than the experiences and lessons that they learn in the classroom. Like you, they came to Western to foster their curiosity and leadership. Today’s Western students host more than 200 clubs, from the A Capella Club and the Society of Professional Journalists to the Black Student Coalition and the Fencing Club.

    On the field and the court, our student-athletes are collaborators and innovators within their sport. At Western, we encourage our athletes to use sport as a steppingstone to their careers and goals.
  • At Western—The Future Is Now
    We’re actively contributing to change and growth right now. At any given moment, Western students and faculty are leading research projects that help us better understand neurological diseases and identify ways to improve early childhood reading and comprehension. In the field, undergraduates and graduate students are supporting faculty partnerships with our state to predict disease susceptibility of our native trees and growing civic engagement.

02. It’s High Tide – Time to Write Your WWU Give Day Emails

Choose one story – What do we mean by one story?
Stories are about one person or problem and characters. Because of the College of the Environments’ Paid Research Internship, I didn’t have to get a summer job in food service. Instead, I spent 8 weeks participating in Puget Sound restoration research projects. Looking ahead to graduation, I know I’ll have real-world experience to build a professional resume.

A few tips: 

  • Write like you’re talking to a friend.
  • Use simple, inspiring language.
  • Keep sentences short.
  • Avoid writing about topics (e.g., “A lack of green space in urban areas has negative effects. Please help us plant some trees”). Instead, write about people impacted by those topics (e.g., “I grew up in a low-income urban area with little green space. Research shows that leads to disproportionately higher temperature and worse air quality. That means poorer health outcomes for my family and I, and we are struggling now. Please help us fix this for future generations”).

Sample Give Day Email 

Subject Line: MAKE WAVES for Western today

Hi, [First Name].

This is a BIG day. The one day each year when we channel our collective generosity to celebrate and support the countless ways Western students dream, strive, and achieve remarkable things, in and out of the classroom.

[Now personalize your message with a few sentences about you and your connection to Western.]

  • If you’re a student 
    I’m one of those students! [Why did you choose Western? What are you studying? What’s something you’ve learned about your future career, or the person you’re becoming because of your WWU education?]  
  • If you’re a faculty member
    I teach those students every day! Students who thrive when challenged to explore widely, think critically, and creatively connect ideas to address the most challenging issues of our time. [Write about how one of the classes you’re teaching now and how your students have amazed you above and beyond your expectations.]
  • If you’re a parent
    I’m the proud parent of one of those students! [Write about your son/daughter/child’s Western experience, what they’re studying, how grateful you are for all the ways Western is contributing to the curious, compassionate, confident problem-solver they’re becoming.]  

I’m giving today [or asking you to give] because ___________ is really important to me, and I know that my [or your] gift will [describe the impact you want to make with your gift; be specific (e.g., give more students like me scholarships … open doors for more students to get internships like I did … give our club opportunities to travel and compete at a higher level …]

I’m writing to encourage you to MAKE WAVES for Western today! 

Here’s the link where you can donate to WWU Give Day →

Spread the word to your friends and family, neighbors and coworkers. Every gift makes a difference!

Thank you!

Sample Texts 

  • Morning — [Name]! It’s WWU Give Day, the one day each year when Western comes together as a community to support students, research, programs, athletics, and clubs across campus. Will you join me in making a gift?
  • Midday — There are so many ways you can MAKE WAVES for Western today! I’m showing my WWU Give Day support with a gift to _______. What about you?!
  • Evening — There’s still time (but not much!) to make your WWU Give Day gift. Don’t miss this opportunity to MAKE WAVES for Western!
  • Night — What a day! Check out how much we’ve raised far: And make your gift before WWU Give Day ends at midnight!

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Instagram — [WWU Give Day 2024 Instagram graphic] It’s WWU Give Day! Time to MAKE WAVES for Western! I’m giving to @[tag team, club, program, etc]. What about you?! (Give Day link in bio)
  • TikTok[Record a WWU Give Day video. Have fun with it! Challenge any followers with Western connections to join you in making a gift!]
  • Twitter[WWU Give Day 2024 Twitter graphic] It’s #WWUGiveDay! I’m supporting @[tag team, club, program, etc] How will you MAKE WAVES for Western?
  • Facebook[Sefie with some WWU flair or WWU Give Day 2023 Facebook graphic]  It’s WWU Give Day, the one day each year when Western comes together as a community to support students, research, programs, athletics, and clubs across campus. I’m supporting @[tag team, club, program, etc.] What about you?!
    • Tip: Canva has lots of free, customizable templates for creating eye-popping posts on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.
    • Tip: Stop by the party in Red Square on Give Day and get some WWU swag! Take a photo with it to show your spirit and use that as your social post!

Elevate your story with facts and stats

Our Students

  • 44% of students enrolled are students of color or an underrepresented race
  • On average, 39% of WWU students graduate having participated in an internship (which often means those students need additional scholarships or stipends to fund their living expenses)
  • 85% of WWU students are from Washington
  • 40% of 2023 undergrad graduates needed federal student loans

Give Day Facts and Stats 

  • More than 3,100 donors participated in our 2023 Give Day.   
  • Altogether, donors gave more than $1.1 million to more than 150 funds across our campus during Give Day 2023. Can we beat last year?

Our Academics 

  • 17:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 70% of the classes have 30 or fewer students
  • 200+ academic programs
  • 30+ graduate degree programs

University Stats

  • U.S. News & World Report has ranked WWU in the top 10 universities in the West for value and one of the best universities for veterans.
  • WWU boasts over 250 student-run clubs and organizations
  • Our student-athletes are top performers in their sports—we have numerous conference championships in volleyball, men's and women’s soccer, track & field and cross country, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s golf, softball, and women’s rowing.

Take a Deep Dive Into Writing – Give Day Email Writing Prompts

Use this table to help you focus your campaign. It might take a few drafts before you land on exactly what you want to say. 

Email Writing Prompts  Your group/team’s answers
Who is raising money? The Marine and Coastal Science (MACS) program
Why does your group exist? To provide Western students interested in the Earth’s oceans and animals with unique real-world learning opportunities focused on preserving our oceans for future generations.
What do you do?  MACS gives students opportunities to take what we learn in the classroom and put those ideas into action. It’s a full week of immersive education with a focus on research, having fun and problem-solving together. 
Who will your emails focus on? 
●    What is your featured student studying? 
●    What do they hope to do after graduation? 
●    Why is this program/group/project important to them? 

Jesse – A junior who is studying Environmental Science and Policy and planning to work in freshwater management and restoration. 

Last year, Jesse was able to attend the MACS program and learned about river deltas along South Puget Sound.

Participating in MACS means I get to be part of a team and a project that will help us better understand how river delta animal and organism habitats change, especially during years of high and low snowfall in the mountains. 

What is your featured student studying?  Environmental Science and Policy 


Make a Splash – Developing A Case for Support

Successful email campaigns appeal to human connection and clearly showcase a need.

Email Writing prompts  Your group/team’s answers
What are you asking people to give to? Explain the need your supporters are fulfilling.  This one-week program costs $350 per student. However, many students don’t have enough money to pay for the program. We aim to raise $10,000 to ensure every student accepted to MACS can participate. 
What is urgent about the need?  Last year, more than 25 students accepted to the MACS program qualified for financial assistance. But we could only provide 12 students with scholarships and more than half of the students couldn’t participate. We need to ensure every student can join the MACS cohort regardless of their ability to pay. 
How will the funds you raise help your group achieve your goal?  We are raising funds to offset some of these costs through reduced course fees and scholarships so all students can follow their dreams of becoming marine scientists, no matter their socioeconomic status.
Why are you grateful for your donors’ support?  Donor support means our students can put their skills to use in the real world. Nothing makes us more excited than to offer students who dream about joining our MACS cohort the chance to grow their educational experience.


Here is a blank template for you to use!


Email Writing Prompts  Your group/team’s answers
Who is raising money?  
Why does your group exist?    
What do you do?   
Who will your emails focus on? 
  • What is your featured student studying? 
  • What do they hope to do after graduation?
  • Why is this program/group/project important to them?

Make a Splash – A Case for Giving to YOUR Cause!

Successful email campaigns appeal to human connection and clearly showcase a need.

Email Writing prompts  Your group/team’s answers
What are you asking people to give to? Explain the need your supporters are fulfilling.   
What is urgent about the need?   
How will the funds you raise help your group achieve your goal?   
Why are you grateful for your donors’ support?   

03. Using the WWU Give Day visual assets

Visit our Visual Assets Page to download banners, social media assets, and more!

04. After WWU Give Day

Saying Thank you is Essential
After you’ve celebrated all of your community’s support for your fund, it’s time to say thank you! Just like the ask for support, your thank you email should highlight how the funds you raised will help you achieve your goals. 

Celebrate your totalThank you to our incredible supporters who helped us raise $4,872 for WWU Give Day! 

Celebrate the impact of givingBecause of our generous community, we will be able to cover the cost of 14 students participating in this summer’s Marine Coastal Science program. We’re off to a great start and we will hope to raise even more money so that we can achieve our goal of ensuring that every student accepted to the MACS program can attend, no matter their financial situation.  

Celebrate what you’re going to do: For the 2024 summer project, we’re going to study the tide flats of the Nisqually River Delta at the Billy Frank Jr. Wildlife Refuge in Dupont, WA. Our goal is to document the health of the delta by looking at oxygen levels in the water, counting the number of bird species and taking samples of the tidal grass and mud to further study in our lab. 

Tip: Share links to your project, program, or team’s website. 

Sample Thank You Messages
For use in emails, text messages, social media

Thank you so much for your generosity on WWU Give Day! In all, we raised more than $ [see for total or reach out to the Annual Giving team at]. It’s amazing what we can accomplish as a community!

For the ninth year in a row, Western’s community came together for a common cause: to support students, research, programs, athletics, and clubs across campus. 

The funds raised on WWU Give Day will have a positive impact on Western students in countless ways: from scholarships and clubs, to teams and projects.

I’m grateful to be part of a community that shows up like we did on WWU Give Day 2024. We made some serious waves together!

Thank you again for your generosity and support.

[your name]