Western Libraries

Your support of Western Libraries touches every student, faculty and staff member in innumerable ways. Perpetually adjusting to Western’s evolving needs, the library system provides the latest technology, research tools, print and online resources, a noted map collection and a staff that is a resource for library users to meet the demands of a comprehensive, well-rounded 21st century education.

Funding Priorities:

  1. Support for student research and scholarship. Contributions will be used to encourage students to take advantage of research opportunities, partnering with faculty and utilizing the vast resources of Wilson Library. Important scholarship support will provide resources for students working in the library as a reference assistant, research-writing assistant or research associate.

  2. Renovation of the 5th floor quiet area of Wilson. The Bayview Lounge will provide new furniture and amenities for students who wish to study alone. The 5th floor offers an exquisite view of Bellingham Bay and sweeping panoramas of Lummi Island and the Canadian mountain range.

  3. Creation of an exhibit space in Special Collections. This will provide Special Collections librarians and staff new displays and lighting to professionally display many of the special treasures housed in our collection.

  4. Upgrade to the Reading Room. One of the most popular gathering spaces on campus, the Reading Room is long overdue for a make-over, featuring new furniture, a sound system for events and upgrades for computing and Wi-Fi.​