Salish Sea Institute


By supporting the Salish Sea Institute, donors like you are ensuring the proper stewardship and protection of coastal waters from the Georgia Strait in Canada to the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington State. This cultural and historic watershed is home to seven million people. The Institute seeks collaborative, transborder policy solutions that are sensitive to the needs of First Nations residents, among many other stakeholders. 

The Institute will:

  • Promote dialogue and partnerships among people, organizations and agencies throughout First Nations, tribal communities, Washington state and British Columbia
  • Serve as the administrative home of the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference
  • Host gatherings to cultivate collaborative governance and protection of the Salish Sea
  • Develop place-based curriculum, research and events for students to explore the environment, history and communities of the Salish Sea
  • Foster a sense of place and raise awareness of the value of the Salish Sea and the issues that threaten its health

Community Outreach

The annual Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference addresses the complex web of agencies, scientific organizations, tribal governments, businesses, and activists who are stakeholders in protecting and restoring the historically and culturally significant Salish Sea. Support for this conference supports the critical work in protecting this fragile ecosystem.