The Ray Wolpow Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity

The Ray Wolpow Institute’s mission is to advance knowledge about the Holocaust and genocide, including ethnic and religious conflict as well as attendant human rights abuses, and to provide students with the critical analytical tools to analyze, understand, and differentiate their underlying complexities and to work towards their prevention. Under the direction of Dr. Sandra Alfers, the Institute has hosted and organized a variety of programs (e.g. workshop for teachers in Holocaust education, library exhibit on the refugee crisis in Europe) and lectures (e.g. on antisemitism, Holocaust denial, the Rwandan genocide, historical trauma in Native American communities). The Wolpow Institute also regularly partners with departments and programs on campus and supports programing (e.g. Tournées French Film Festival) that align with the institute’s mission. Your financial gift to The Wolpow Institute supports future speaker events, faculty research, curriculum development, and student scholarship.

The Institute’s current areas of support include:

Holocaust and Genocide Studies Curriculum Development: The Wolpow Institute supports and enhances curriculum development across disciplines and colleges, including an undergraduate minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and international study abroad opportunities.

Speaker Series: Our goal is to provide exceptional scholarly and educational programming through public lectures and performances, exhibits, film festivals, and professional development opportunities.

Regional Institute: In partnership with The Holocaust Educational Foundation at Northwestern University, The Wolpow Institute will host the 2019 inaugural regional symposium “Teaching the Holocaust in the Global Age.” Regional Holocaust symposia focus on new topics in the field, cutting-edge research, and pedagogical practices. To support this symposium donations are most welcome. 

Faculty Research and Support: The Wolpow Institute aims to provide funding opportunities for Western faculty to support teaching, research, and other scholarly activities related to Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Student Scholarships: We continue to seek opportunities to financially support students in their various fields of studies. Through the generous donations from Bernhard Kohlmeier and Lisa Ann Mikulencak, the institute has awarded two student scholarships since its creation in 2016. 

Please go to our website for a roster of past events and up-to-date information and follow us on Facebook. Thank you.

Loran Zenonian

Director of Development Loran Zenonian is here to answer questions about how you can support the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at (360) 650-7647 or