Student Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Ashlynn Tibbot!

January 31, 2024

Ashlynn is a second-year at WWU who is expected to graduate in 2026. She’s a double-major in creative writing and women, gender, and sexuality studies with a minor in sociology and a teaching endorsement. So busy!

Why did you choose Western?

I chose WWU because I was drawn to its focus on diversity and inclusion. Western’s acknowledgment of all backgrounds and identities leads to a unique and people-oriented school that supports all kinds of students.

I enjoyed the fact that it is an academically rigorous and research-driven college that puts students first. I felt like I could find my community of friends and colleagues alike that would uplift and motivate me to be the best version of myself both within and outside of my academic studies. 

What do you like about Western?

I love that Western strives to both listen and support their students. We have countless departments and opportunities that wouldn't exist were it not for the many voices of our student body coming forward and asking for what they need and what they want. On top of this, Western has an absolutely gorgeous campus, and it's so nice to be constantly surrounded by wildlife. 

How is your student ambassador experience?

My ambassador experience has been a blast! So far I've helped with quite a few events, both checking in our guests and even handing out donuts for a volleyball game. It's been amazing working with so many incredible individuals all with kindness and compassion in everything they do, and I can feel the Ambassador Family love in everything I do related to this job. 

What is your favorite class so far?

My favorite class that I've taken so far in my time here at Western has got to be my Geology 252 class: Earth and Its Weather. It was unbelievably fun! While I may not be a geology major, it shows the strength of our GURs here at Western and the many interests the curriculum can peak for incoming students or students unsure of their major. I know I learned the most out of this class so far and it will stick with me for many years to come.  

How has philanthropy helped you as a student?

I was the recipient of the Admissions Achievement Award along with the Admissions Annual Scholarship upon my Freshman year. This has made a difference as it's helped me pay for both my tuition and been a helpful buffer to paying for college. I hope to graduate with as little student debt as possible, and those scholarships have helped me to attain that goal. 

What would you like to say to someone who has made a gift to support WWU students and programs?

For those who have given gifts to Western to help support students and our programs I say thank you. It is unbelievably relieving to students to know that there are so many who go out of their way to support their scholarship and academia. Their hard work pays off, literally, and they are rewarded for it. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t in class?

Outside of class, I love reading, writing, hanging out with friends, and hiking in our arboretum. I also love eating good food and finding new places in Bellingham to spend my time!

What is your happy place either on campus or in Bellingham?

My happy place in Bellingham is the Stone Enclosure: Rock Rings. I really love the space, not only because it's outside but because it has a lot of really nice sitting spots. It is very relaxing and cool, especially on warm days. 

What are your professional dreams and goals?

My goals for the future include graduating from Western with my bachelor's degree, going on to teach at the high school I attended. After teaching for a few years, I hope to move up into school administration, and then even state and national politics. Five years from now, however, is both strange to think about but exciting, as I'll have graduated and will begin the early stages of my teaching career. I hope to make an impact on all those around me and be an educator worth remembering.

Read information about the Student Ambassador program here.