Marriage of Music and Marketing: Megan Alle

by Frances Badgett

When Pasadena-born business major Megan Alle (’21) attended the Double Major: Death Cab for Cutie and ODESZA concert at Civic Field sponsored by the WWU Alumni Association, she was inspired by the great music, stunning lights, and celebratory crowd. She also experienced first-hand the culmination of her interests that she developed during her undergraduate years at Western—music marketing.

“That concert was hands-down the most amazing experience—one of the coolest—I’ve had at Western. It means a lot to me that the bands came back to support Western,” she says. “I remember seeing the posters and billboards at the time and noticing how great the marketing was. It really inspired me.”

Megan had been thinking about combining music and marketing by the time these powerhouse WWU alumni came back to perform. Her first inkling was when she took the course The Business of Music as a FIG (First-year Interest Group) and loved it. A critical part of the Western curriculum, FIGs are an early immersive classroom experience for students who have just entered college.

Megan says, “As a first-year taking my FIGs, I didn’t know at the time that I wanted to go into music marketing, but I knew that I loved music and I didn’t want to be a performer.”

Megan was also supported by the Vikings Scholars Award, which gave her crucial support during her first year at Western. She was able to enhance her Western experience by joining the Student Marketing Association and focus on her schoolwork. She also served in the WWU University Advancement division as a phonathon caller, and a student employee and marketing intern for the WWU Alumni Association.

“I became vice president of the SMA. I loved the way alumni came back to share experiences, to serve on the board and advise us, offering professional development opportunities. I love the support for undergraduates the alumni gave us,” she says.

During the course of her time at Western, Megan explored different aspects of marketing, from market research to full omnichannel marketing plans. A minor in sociology, she also enjoyed exploring issues of diversity and inclusion. 

“My favorite course at WWU was a sociology class taught by Glenn Tsunokai. He taught me so much about diversity on Western’s campus and it was an eye-opening class,” she says.

When she graduates, Megan hopes to be working with companies that need help in the music industry.

“I hope I can brand an artist, make helpful events, and work on brand strategy for a label. I don’t want to limit myself to one specific area, but I know I want to work in music marketing.”

As for that scholarship, support of clubs, support for the FIG program, Megan says, “I think it’s important for donors to give back to the Western community because it helps students’ dreams come true.”

And for Megan, that just might mean turning an artist playing dimly-lit bars into a major act touring stadiums around the world.

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