Alumni Spotlight: Dario Ré and Heat Speak

As with so many accomplished musicians, Dario Ré found the inspiration for his music both on campus and out in the greater Bellingham community. Living in a creative space “full of exploration, curiosity, philosophy, and love,” Ré learned how to build community, foster strong friendships, and nurture his art and music.

After graduate studies in Montreal, Dario committed to his art and music full-time. His band Heat Speak has roots in alternative folk with deeper, more orchestral stylings. Their first album released in 2020 “To Love Wind” is available on Spotify and iTunes, and the band plays live shows regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest. Dario also released “Aspen Artichoke” in 2017, and in 2022, he completed his second solo album “Holy Moon.”

Dario’s favorite professors were Jennifer Hahn, an alumna who returned to Western to teach; Stan Tag, who encouraged a “playful and creative relationship” with language; John Fedorov and Tanis S’eiltin for instilling a love of art, and John Tuxill for rich outdoor experiences.

In his free time, Dario spends time at his home Mystic Homestead in Spokane—a space he shares with his partner Jessica, their three kids, dogs, cats, fish, chickens, bees, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and Dario’s mom next door.

“Homesteading is one of my favorite past-times. I’m also an avid disc golfer.”

Fun fact, Dario founded the WWU Disc Golf Club.

“I still love to play any chance I get and enjoy following the growth of the sport around the world.”

And his advice for current students? "My advice for students is to be absolutely sure you’re living in the present moment. i.e. pursuing classes, experiences and relationships that feed who you are today. Education has a way of focusing on the future and asking one to sacrifice aspects of the present in exchange for a reward in the future. Don’t buy it; make sure you’re living in the moment."