Alumni Spotlight: Ali LeRoy ('10)

September 30, 2021

Ali LeRoy ('10) was a journalism major with a public relations focus. She is now the senior marketing and communications manager for Lifelong. 

LeRoy says, "Professors in the journalism department helped me grow from a college kid reporter to communications professional. Working on the Front as a writer/editor forced me out of my comfort zone to work with my classmates and university departments. Those early lessons in building relationships and connections helped me feel connected to classmates, the university, and Bellingham community while at Western and continue to help me, as I continue to use that skillset every day."

Prior to her graduation in 2010, she had an internship working full-time over the summer for the Providence Hospital foundation. That internship led to so many connections, mentors, and great resume-building.

Her current job is tied to the work she began as an intern for a hospital foundation. Her boss introduced her to an executive at the YMCA who was looking for marketing help, which led to a seven-year career with the organization.

She says, "I branched out to learn what else could be out there for me, landing at Alaska Airlines on their internal communications team. After the pandemic hit, it was time for change and I landed my current role as the Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager for Lifelong, an organization helping people battling serious illnesses like cancer, kidney disease and HIV with food, housing, and care support."

She is very happy at Lifelong. "I’m excited to develop Lifelong’s brand throughout Washington, and see what fun partnerships take shape in the coming year as we all learn how to navigate the world post-pandemic."

Her advice to soon-to-be alumni? "Whether you’re at a nonprofit like me, looking to connect with like-minded groups, want to brainstorm with other professionals in your field on a project, or hunting for a job, those connections you bring with you can be a huge asset to your career. You never know when someone you met for a project or your old coworker at your part-time college gig may come back in your life down the road." 

Congratulations, Ali, and thank you for sharing your story with us!