Honors College

The Honors College is a community of students and faculty who actively seek to challenge themselves and each other. Honors here is not more work, it’s different work. WWU Honors students have access to small classes taught by award-winning professors that emphasize discussion and writing. The Honors College curriculum, compatible with any major at WWU, consists of a First Year Sequence, Lower Division Colloquia, Upper Division Seminars, and a capstone Senior Project. The Honors housing option in historic Edens Hall provides a vibrant atmosphere for first and second year Honors students. The value of participating in Honors through a public university is hard to quantify, but comparing our tuition to that of private colleges is easy.

Watch this video produced by Caleb Albright, Honors Student Christina Becker, Morgan Stilp-Allen and Robert Dudzik for the Advanced Visual Journalism class at Western to see some of the work done by students in the Honors College.


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