WWU Industrial Design Alumni Gathering

Detail of woven basket made by Arunas Oslapas using colorful metal straps.

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In-Person at WWU:
Viking Union, Room 565



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Industrial Design Program, The Foundation for WWU & Alumni


Join us for an ID alumni reunion and celebration of the career of Prof. Arūnas Oslapas. See the senior ID exhibition and tour the ID studios. We've got a lot to catch up on and want to hear about your life! Come mingle with fellow alumni, students, and faculty, and stay for networking opportunities. Guests are welcome. Refreshments and music provided.

A collection of metal art pieces by Arunas Oslapas.
Arūnas Oslapas is a light-skinned male with salt and pepper hair. He smile warmly and wears glasses and a black turtleneck.

Celebrating Arūnas Oslapas' Retirement

Arūnas Oslapas has spent his academic career experimenting and learning design principles with his passionate students as they collectively attempted to understand the profession of industrial design. He's always had an uncanny ability to never say ‘no’, and in retirement he will continue to punish himself with outside projects ranging from creative museum exhibits to recycled metal baskets.

Metal art pieces depicting a rooster and quilt pattern by Arunas Oslapas.

Accommodations and Other Details

Contact the Jason Morris for this event by emailing morris46@wwu.edu.

Advance notice for disability accommodations and special needs is greatly appreciated. Please indicate your special needs on the registration form.

Limited parking is available in the C lots at the south end of campus and in lots 6V and 7G at the north end of campus. Please note: parking in C lot and 12G by Fairhaven College is free after 4:30pm. Western provides comprehensive parking details—including lot locations, applicable fees, and campus map.

Art work photos by Arūnas Oslapas.