Homelessness in Canada

A Complex Policy and Governance Landscape

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A homeless tent encampment in a trash-strewn empty lot in Vancouver, Canada.


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2024 Speaker Series: Populations Rendered ‘Surplus’ in Canada

Homelessness in Canada includes a complex policy landscape that requires integrated and cooperative policy approaches. Unfortunately, Canada’s current approach – even with a national housing strategy – often includes fragmented and siloed responses that lead to a patchwork of services and policies. Using comparative findings from Melbourne, Australia, and Toronto, Canada, this interactive seminar will present the effects of Canada’s patchwork responses on folks experiencing homelessness, with a focus on the housing, social assistance, and health policies.

The governance of homelessness will be presented from the perspective of not only policymakers and service providers but will also include the lived experiences of individuals experiencing homelessness. The comparison between Melbourne and Toronto amplifies the benefits of integrated responses and the need for more coordination and collaboration in the complex policy landscape of homelessness.


Anna Kopec is a white woman with long brown hair. She is smiling brightly and wears a pale pastel jacket and blouse.

Anna Kopec, Speaker

Anna Kopec is an Assistant Professor at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She specializes in public policy and inequality, with specific research interests in homelessness, lived expertise, democratic participation, and policy process theories. Her current book project considers the effects of policy on the political participation of individuals experiencing homelessness in Melbourne, Australia and Toronto, Canada. The book includes data from the over 100 interviews Anna conducted and quantitative analysis of national election surveys. Anna’s other research has been published in the Journal of Public Policy, Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, American Review of Canadian Studies, and International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

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