Institute for Energy Studies Speaker Series Presents: Fusion Energy: Optimism and Opportunity

The Joint European Torus (JET) magnetic fusion experiment with myriad multi-colored heating, cooling, and measuring systems.

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Check out this video to watch the Fusion Energy: Optimism and Opportunity.

Learn about the latest in fusion technology from Greg Van Dyk, a Colonel in the US Air Force with a nuclear engineering PhD involving computational and experimental fusion research. Greg will draw from his many years of experience with both the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy in his presentation.

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Tile image by EFDA JET, Creative Commons.


Lieutenant Colonel Greg Van Dyk is a white male with short sandy brown hair. he wears a dark blue US military uniform. The US flag is in the background.

Gregory K. Van Dyk, PhD

Colonel, US Air Force

Col Greg Van Dyk was recently stationed in the United Kingdom where he engaged the UK on joint research programs in national security and fusion technologies.

Greg has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Economics, a MS in Systems Engineering with a focus in Nuclear Engineering and Space Systems, and PhD in Nuclear Engineering involving computational and experimental fusion research.

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