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Expand your French teaching, curriculum, and worldview with the Diversify Your French Virtual Summer Sessions. Each week we will explore a dialect, a world region, or an aspect of French with educators that will help you make your classroom a more global, diverse and welcoming space. Connect with other educators looking to expand their practice and discover new resources. Register for one session or all four!

Session One
Indigenous Worldview and Your French Classroom
Monday, July 10, 2023 | 1-2:15pm PT, 4-5:15pm ET
Session Presenter: M. Lauren-Rose Stunell

How do educators create meaningful lessons that work to encourage students in their journey towards Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation while also developing their student's target language? Learn from an educator who is responsible for helping do just that.

Session Two
From Lagoons to Deserts: French as a Global Language
Monday, July 17, 2023 | 9-10:15am PT, 12-1:15pm ET *
Session Presenter: Dr. Nikhita Obeegadoo

*Please note the different time for this session.

Despite the fact that the French language is written and spoken around the globe, its representation in French classrooms continues to revolve around Europe. Why is this the case? What are the scholarly, ethical, and pedagogical implications of such a skewed narrative? Ultimately, what steps can we take to create a more complex engagement with the French language and francophone literatures?

Session Three
Acadia Strong!
Monday, July 24, 2023 | 1-2:15pm PT, 4-5:15pm ET
Session Presenter: Dr. Christina Keppie

This webinar will illustrate the strength and diversity of Acadian identity. With distinct language features that differ from the rest of the Francophone world, this French-speaking ethnic group is rich in cultural resources that will complement the K-16 classroom, and we will discuss how language interplays with identity through the use of theater, song, poetry, and online media.

Session Four
Quebec French and Culture
Monday, July 31, 2023 | 1-2:15pm PT, 4-5:15pm ET
Session Presenter: Dr. Yulia Bosworth

Dive into the changing face of the French culture and language in Quebec and discover elements and resources you can take right into your classroom.

Attend the whole series, or pick and choose individual sessions.


Lauren-Rose Stunell

M. Lauren-Rose Stunell, Presenter

M. Lauren-Rose Stunell is a non-Indigenous Settler, living and teaching on Treaty 7 land in Mohkinstsis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a French Immersion teacher who specializes in the integration of Indigenous education and ways of knowing with second language learning. In her commitment to her work towards Truth and Reconciliation, she has become a trusted ally and collaborator in the work. She seeks to authentically weave Indigenous ways of knowing and languages in a culturally responsive approach to support Indigenous students and all learners in their language development.

Nikhita Obeegadoo

Dr. Nikhita Obeegadoo, Presenter

Dr. Nikhita Obeegadoo is Assistant Professor of Languages and World Literatures at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She holds a PhD in Romance Languages and Literature from Harvard University, as well as a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Comparative Literature from Stanford University. Dr. Obeegadoo is a specialist in contemporary francophone and world literatures, with a particular focus on stories of oceans and archipelagoes. Her current book project, "Silence of the Seabed," explores contemporary literatures of oceanic migration in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean.

Christina Keppie

Dr. Christina Keppie, Presenter

Dr. Christina Keppie, Professor of French and Director of the Center for Canadian-American Studies, Western Washington University. Professor Keppie hails from Fredericton, New Brunswick and holds a PhD in French linguistic anthropology from the University of Alberta. She has taught broadly across the French undergraduate curriculum at Western Washington University since 2008, specializing in topics relating to Franco-Canadian and Acadian language, sociolinguistics, culture, and language ideology. She currently directs the Center for Canadian-American Studies at WWU, a National Resource Center for the Study of Canada in consortium with the University of Washington and is the President of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States.

Yulia Bosworth

Dr. Yulia Bosworth, Presenter

Dr. Yulia Bosworth, Associate Professor of French and Linguistics in the Department of Romance Languages at Binghamton University. She specializes in sociolinguistics of North American French, with a focus on language ideologies and the relationship between language and identity in Quebec. Dr. Bosworth is the current Vice President of the American Council for Quebec Studies and the Faculty Director of Understanding Modern Quebec, a summer program on French language and Quebec culture in Quebec City, Quebec, for US undergraduate students.

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