Institute for Energy Studies Speaker Series Presents: Developing a Clean Energy and Buildings Workforce

Through Education and Industry Support

Clouds and the golden light of dusk reflect dramatically on the curved glass surfaces of a modern building.

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Check out this video to watch the Developing a Clean Energy and Buildings Workforce.

Learn about the Smart Buildings Center Education Program (SBCEP), a 501c3 non-profit organization that believes the smarter use of technology and practices in the built environment, particularly as they relate to building operations and management, will enable a cleaner, healthier and more productive future. SBCEP seeks to establish thought leadership for smart technologies and practices within the built environment, and pursues its objective through the following pillars of activity: delivering training programs to educate the building workforce of the future; enabling industry leading demonstration projects; and connecting the industry through hosting and participating in smart buildings events.

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Melanie Danuser is a light-skinned female with black, shoulder length hair and a warm smile. She wears a multi-colored woven scarf and red shirt.

Melanie Danuser, Speaker

Melanie has spent her career in the power and energy efficiency industries and worked with utilities throughout the United States. She holds a Master of Public Administration degree from West Virginia University with a focus on Organization Development, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Her work entails serving Building Potential and the Smart Buildings Center as Director of Education and Training, managing the Building Operator Certification program, and leading strategy for technical webinars, new curriculum and programs for stakeholders of Building Potential and SBC, and contributing to conversations on the evolving workforce in the built environment. The BOC program is a training and credentialing program offering three certificates and one certification to building operators and technicians to increase their knowledge and skills in energy efficient facilities systems.

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