Alumni Spotlight: Sean Jones ('00)

In our ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT SERIES meet Sean Jones ’00 who majored in general studies and focused his studies in sociology and English. Jones manages a multifaceted career that has taken dedication and a strong inner core.

“The Sociology and English departments molded me into who I am today. The Sociology department had classes that taught me the social issues that were problems back then and continue to be problems now. They woke me up and took me out of the 'egg shell.' The English department helped me gain strength in my weakest subject.”

Jones is a hard worker, balancing his day job and his personal business.

"I currently have two jobs that I am extremely proud of: I work for the U.S. Social Security Administration as an Operations Supervisor; my second job is more on the entrepreneur side: I currently manufacture and sell mixed spices. My spice company is called JONZ 1 Original Dry Rubs. My spices can be purchased on my website and/or Amazon."

He adds, "When I launched my business JONZ 1 Original Dry Rubs was also a major accomplishment. I would work my day job at SSA, come home and then work on my business at home. Selling my spices for the first time was awesome! I did not consider myself a salesperson through college and I finally realized at year 10 at SSA that running my own business is just as important as working for an employer."

Balancing work and life can be a challenge when you work a day job and have a business, but Jones is managing well.

"I’m married with children so I like to spend time with them as my kids are into sports. I picked up the hobby of fishing recently. Fishing will eventually turn into a sport once I retire from SSA and kids are out of my house."

"Advice I give is that when work or school becomes tough, do not quit. It’s always good to have an exit plan but going through that tough situation means that there will be glory coming soon after. Continue to grind, continue to pray and eventually the awards and promotions will follow. Tough times do not last but tough people do. We all go through the valleys where things are tough but if you keep working harder and smarter you will find your way to the top of the glorified mountain tops."