One Day MBA Speaker Series Presents: Why Get An MBA

Part 2—The Student Perspective

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MBA Program, WWU Alumni Association


With all the economic uncertainty right now, this may be the perfect time to level up your skills with a weekend MBA from WWU in Everett. Meet recent alumni from the program and hear their stories. You will come away inspired!


Scott Callahan has black skin, a short beard, and wears glasses, a blue blazer and light green shirt.

Scott Callahan

Credit Officer at AgWest Farm Credit

Brent Kuhn is bald-headed, has white skin and a full beard. He wears a dark blue blazer and light blue shirt.

Brent Kuhn

Director, 737 Production Engineer at Boeing

Rhuby Ocampo has long brown hair, white skin, and a wide smile. She is wearing a black jacket.

Ruby Ocampo

WWU Student

Megan Wells has white skin, short brown hair, a is smiling warming. She wears a lilac colored shirt.

Meagan Wells

Senior Manager, Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Boeing

Vincenzo Bianco has brown eyes, short brown hair, white skin, short facial hair, and a serious expression. He wears a brown blazer and grey shirt.

Vincenzo Bianco

Propulsion Manager at Boeing

Mark Staton smiles broadly and is wearing a grey sweater and lavender shirt. He has white skin, short facial hair, and clear-framed glasses.

Mark Staton, PhD, Moderator

Associate Professor of Marketing / Director, MBA and Graduate Programs / College of Business and Economics

Mark teaches digital marketing (undergraduate) and marketing strategy (MBA) at the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University. He is the director of the MBA program which has daytime and evening programs in Bellingham and a weekend program in Everett.

Accommodations and Other Details

Contact the WWU Alumni Association for this event. Feel free to call at (360) 650-3353 or email at if you have any questions or comments.

There will be auto-captions available for this event.