Impact: Hacherl Research & Writing Studio

photo of students using Hacherl research and writing center

The Hacherl Research & Writing Studio is both a place and a service that offers support for academic work in research and writing. The studio opened in Fall 2016 and has significantly advanced the Western Libraries' vision for a Research & Writing Studio that nurtures creativity, serves as a center for idea sharing and experimentation, facilitates students' focus and reflection, and helps create more confident and effective writers.

The Hacherl Research & Writing Studio supports students, faculty and graduate students looking for additional resources and support for teaching of writing, with access to the Writing Instruction Support program.

Jobs are also available to students as writing assistants in the Studio. Click here for an application.

The Hacherls made their gift in honor of Cindy's parents, Bob and Diane Kelly, who encouraged Cindy to pursue the first-ever college degree in their family's history, and Don's parents, Regis and Ruth Hacherl, who encouraged Don's academic goals. Cindy graduated from Western in 1984 and was named Outstanding Graduating Senior by the English Department. Don graduated from University of Washington with a degree in engineering.