Center for Community Learning

When you support community learning at Western, you're supporting an active, engaged teaching community with partnerships that create positive social change in our region and around the world.

Western’s Center for Community Learning, a hallmark on campus for more than two decades, is nationally recognized for its excellence. We engage approximately 20 percent of Western’s students, working with over 100 university courses and more than 100 community partners each year. Our ultimate ambition is to have every WWU student engage in a service-learning experience before he/she graduates, which would have a cascading effect on addressing the growing demands of our community partners: an endowed Center would make that goal possible.

In the meantime, we will use funds to achieve the following goals, all of which directly benefit our communities:

  • Expand our human resources—staff, faculty, community partners—so that all interested students can participate in service-learning.
  • Train more faculty so additional service-learning courses can be added.
  • Build more partnerships with community organizations to offer a larger and more diverse set of opportunities for students.
  • Expand beyond our nationally recognized Rwanda and Kenya programs which are proving to be of tremendous educational value for our students while also making an impact on the villages we serve.



Your support for Western’s Center for Community Learning has far-reaching and profound impact. Our students don’t just learn about the value of donating their time, they gain new skills and perspectives—both professional and personal—and open their minds and hearts to varied experiences and diverse communities. Western’s experiential education begins here.